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In the Spring of 2008 Sandra Kendall, library director at Mount Sinai Hospital, was invited to travel to Ethiopia, East Africa as part of the Toronto Addis Ababa Psychiatry Project (TAAPP). Sandra had the opportunity to meet with the chief medical librarian at the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and saw first hand the limitations to accessing print and digital resources in the Black Lion medical library.

A partnership was established with the medical librarian with the goal to improve access to e-resources, to improve the print collection and to provide training in clinical librarianship. Shortly thereafter the program was expanded to include medical disciplines of Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, Pharmacy and several others.  This new program, the Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration (TAAAC), is a collaboration between the University of Toronto and Addis Ababa University and was established to assist the Ethiopian faculty enhance residency training programs.

To achieve the goals set out in the Library partnership letter of 2008, the TAAAC Library Program established an Action Plan which is continually updated. An important part of this Action Plan is to develop a training program in clinical librarianship at the university level. Clinical librarians who wish to participate in this program are asked to view the global health outreach opportunities and decide which phase of the program, whether in Canada or Ethiopia, best matches their skills and experience.  Candidates may also wish to view the selection criteria  established for participants in the Library Program.

For further information on the TAAAC initiative please contact

Sandra Kendall
Global Health Scholar, Peter A. Silverman Centre for International Health
General Member Wilson Centre, University of Toronto
Director Library Services, Mount Sinai Hospital
Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Health Complex
600 University Avenue, Suite 18-234
Toronto, ON M5G 1X5
t 416-586-4800 ext.5903
f 416-586-4998

Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration www.taaac.com

Creative Commons Licence This work by The TAAAC Library Science Team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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